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8/31/13 @ 12:45am PST
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Why Miley Can’t Stop, And Won’t Stop (And Shouldn't)

miley cyrus vma

Yeah yeah yeah, we know that this subject is overdone and beaten to a bloody pulp. There have been many complaints and angry protests about Miley Cyrus and her 2013 VMA performance on Sunday, August 25th. It has been wildly deemed inappropriate, and even Brooke Shields who played Miley’s mother on Hannah Montana has said, “I feel like it’s a bit desperate.” Let’s start by breaking down her outfit during the performance. She came onstage wearing a fuzzy one piece corset with the face of a bunny/bear... thing with red eyes and tongue hanging out, and white platform shoes. This is how Miley is claiming her image. In the We Can’t Stop video, both Miley and her dancers can be seen wearing huge furry teddy bear backpacks. Side note: can you imagine if people start buying those things? They are kind of amazing in a really weird way.

The teddy bears are becoming a huge part of her new image, and so is sticking her tongue out. You can see her doing that multiple times in the video too. After all, will you ever look at teddy bears and foam fingers the same way again? Maybe... but it might take a while, and that’s probably exactly what she wanted.


miley cyrus robin thicke

Next, just when you think the performance is getting weird, she takes off said bunny/bear thing and exposes herself in a flesh colored latex bikini-ish outfit, and then proceeds to twerk for the audience and on and all over Robin Thicke during his performance of Blurred Lines, acting as one of his video girls. If this performance is so terrible, why wasn’t it as big a controversy when the Robin Thicke video premiered and we saw women in equally non-existent outfits, dancing in front of balloons that spell out, “Robin Thicke has a big D?” Is it because Robin Thicke’s dancers have no name and therefore no “Disney image” to shake off (pun intended)? Did we all think she was going to stay thirteen forever? I won’t get too into this controversy, but all of the outrage is a little silly. She’s twenty! When I was twenty, I made some terrible style choices, but I was fortunate enough to grow up in my hometown where only friends can remember those times and make fun of me now. She’s growing up in front of the world, and while her performance was a bold move, it was her choice and she will grow up either loving or hating that choice. Oh, and can we stop talking crap about her hair? It takes confidence to pull off short hair like that, and she looks good with it. I personally wouldn’t put buns on top of my head, because that’s a little too Scary Spice for me, but she did what she did.



miley britney spears

Lastly, are we forgetting another famous VMA outfit that caused a lot of controversy? Britney Spears wowed an audience in 2000 when she also wore a flesh colored outfit during a performance. A few years later, she had a meltdown and is picking herself up again, but with more fans than she ever had. It seems everyone is anticipating Miley to have a similar breakdown. Is it just a funny coincidence that two women who started their career through Disney have worked hard to shed that image? Either way, I am hoping that Miley doesn’t also have a meltdown. She is getting all of the attention that she anticipated and then some already. 

So by all means Miley, go ahead and twerk yourself silly.

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xD -
10/29/13 @ 11:41pm PST

she wont stop,she can't stop,she can do what ever she wants. To all the haters who hate her thank you for making her the center of attention of you're lifecheeky

Dominick -
8/31/13 @ 4:45pm PST

Also, lots of racist connotations in that performance. Not like racism is new in the music industry either, but that's the part that makes me get all cringy, particularly because the exact parts of black women that are constantly exploited/grossly fetishized have had a very personal impact on a lot of women, and shaming women's bodies (even when you are a woman) is not cool.

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