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9/1/13 @ 2:20am PST
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Robin Thicke Channels Beetlejuice At 2013 VMAs



Yes, it was raunchy and to some, trashy, but given the way music is these days, this is hardly surprising. Also, in Miley's defense, she is an adult. She is a twenty year old woman that can make her own choices, no matter how bad they are. (So, those of you thinking her parents need to “control her better”, they can't. She's grown and on the loose!)


Not only was the performance eye-catching and jaw-dropping, but so were the costumes, namely Robin Thicke's. He wore a black dress shirt worn open reminiscent of a 1970s disco dancer, a gold chain, aviator sunglasses, sneakers and... A black and white striped suit that made me think “Beetlejuice called. He wants his clothes back.”



As for the designer responsible for this erm... ensemble, it is not known who they are, but they were clearly inspired by Tim Burton's movie ghoul... Or, perhaps, a football (soccer to us Americans) referee.


Despite being garish and practically unwearable anywhere else, the outfit sadly does have its good points too. It's very edgy without being over the top (a la Lady Gaga's meat dress) and the thick black lines are figure-flattering. It wasn't a great outfit, but it was much better than Miley's bodysuit (that looked like she skinned Chuck E. Cheese) and plastic shorts and bra (that also looked horribly uncomfortable).



In the end, love it or hate it, the outfit and the performance did cause the riot that they were intended to.

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