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9/13/13 @ 12:42am PST
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Miley Cyrus Wears Weird Pants Again

miley jean paul

First she wore that God-awful outfit with the half sweatpants, half jeans pants that really confused the crap out of us. Then, she went and performed on the VMA’s wearing very little. (The weird sweatpants I don’t approve of, the VMA performance on the other hand, I do... you can see the previous article I wrote on that later). Anywho, Miley has decided to combine these two previous stunts of hers rolled into one new outfit. This Wednesday, September 11th, Miley stepped out of a London hotel and was greeted by many fans and photograhers.



miley no underwear

I present to you all: the half-slacks-half-skinny-sheer-high-waited-pants! With an off center button! Hmm. From a different angle, you can see that this ensemble by Jean Paul Gaultier doesn’t seem to be very elegantly sewn together. The sheer side on the right shows us that Miley is not wearing any underwear. Then on the left, the pants have transformed into a baggier style of slacks that almost touch the ground. The waist of the pants go up so high, you almost think that she is wearing a shirt! But then, when you notice that she is wearing a bra top, the realization hits you that the stuff around her waist is STILL her pants.



miley chanel

I will say this, though: the girl knows how to accessorize! Or whoever dresses her does... oh whatever. The belt is by Chanel and does a great job of distracting us from everything else that’s going on for a moment or two. The purse is also obviously Chanel, and it’s simple yet sophisticated. These strappy stiletto heels are also pretty awesome, and they go with her outfit well.



miley sweatpants

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen this yet, these are the sweatpants I was talking about. 


Honestly though, we just can’t be surprised by this girl anymore! It’s not even worth all of the attention that it’s getting. The sheer outfit is not really that weird looking, and the fact that she isn’t wearing underwear shouldn’t be that surprising. Non-celebrities go out without underwear every day! Why do we care so much with Miley Cyrus? Anyway, this outfit isn’t great, but it’s not outrageously hideous like many critics claim. It’s eh.

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