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9/18/13 @ 3:48am PST
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Katharine McPhee Is Pretty In Pastels For The Creative Arts Emmys

Katharine Mcphee Pink

This Sunday, September 15th Katharine McPhee attended the Creative Arts Emmys (for those of you who are not sure, those are the Emmys that are dedicated to all of behind the scenes work that many of us take for granted -- the makeup, hair, effects, etc... just to name a few). 


Anywho, Katharine made a smashing (get it?! Smash?) appearance looking classy, girly, and elegant.



katharine mcphee emmys

This Georges Hobeika gown is absolutely stunning and enhances all the right things on Katharine’s slim figure. The sheer top is just the right amount of lace without being too much. Mad kudos to K-McP for pulling off a sheer top without making it look trashy or cheap in any way! The sleeveless design also help to create a flow for the whole look and is a great contrast in texture to the long skirt that is attached.



katharine mcphee floral

Speaking of the skirt, it is extremely smooth and soft-looking... like if I saw her wearing this in real life I would really want to touch her dress... but of course I would have to hold back because that’s weird.



katharine mcphee lips

Katharine McPhee completed her look with some simple jewelry and classic red lips. Normally, pink and red are colors that I would try to avoid mixing in one look, but she makes it work. One thing I don’t understand though? The ring on her right index finger, underneath her fingernail! Is it okay to wear a ring like that? Does it feel funny? Wouldn’t it be scary knowing that it could easily fall off? Any thoughts on that, please let me know in the comments because I would love some answers on that.


All in all, K makes being classy look like a light pink breeze. Work it!

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