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11/7/13 @ 7:44pm PST
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Heidi Klum Fast Forwards To The Future For Halloween

heidi klum halloween


Heidi Klum is known for going all out on Halloween (who can forget her and now ex-husband Seal's gorilla costumes?). Well, this year is no different, with or without a hubby by her side. For 2013, Heidi didn't go as any specific character or a sexy version of anything- she went as an old lady!
Even as an old lady, Heidi sure knows how to dress! Heidi is wearing a lovely cream colored skirt suit, featuring a woven checkered pattern. The skirt has black trim along the bottom and pockets, while the coat has trim along the collar and pockets as well, with a brooch attached.
heidi klum halloween costume
Heidi is accessorized quite nicely, with pointy-toed nude colored heels that have a bow on the front. The simplicity continues with a long pearl necklace, a nude colored purse, and a black cane. Her dress shirt is in a bright paisley pattern in yellow, teal and brown colors. It also has a deep V-neck, obviously to show off all of the amazing makeup work that was done by her Halloween team!
heidi klum old woman
Here is just one of the amazing components of her super accurate costume. Heidi posted pics on Twitter all Hallow's Eve of her costume, including a crazy looking picture of her legs, that had bulging veins, ashy skin and all. It sure does take a village!
Now, of course someone has to rain on her parade. There has been retaliation against this act, saying that it is offensive to the older community and was done to make a joke about older people. Frankly, I think that point of view is absurd. When asked about her costume, she said, "There was so much talk about me turning 40 this year and what it felt like to be older. I thought, really? I will show you old!" Indeed, Heidi is still very young in normal people terms. When a model turns 40, people think it is the end of the world! Well, Heidi is showing everyone that it's okay to be old and it's most definitely not meant to be offensive. When telling my 87-year-old grandmother about Heidi's costume this year and showing her some photos, she chuckled and said, "It's funny! Leave her alone, she's having fun." So there you have it. My grandmother approves so chill out!
heidi klum old
As this old lady says bye, just remember, a costume is a costume! Great work yet again, Heidi!
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F Garcia -
3/29/14 @ 5:38pm PST

Its amazing when you have money, this is great work for the evening.

Love it....

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