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6/20/13 @ 12:54am PST
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Fashion Do's And Don'ts On The Myspace Red Carpet

miley cyrus

This past Wednesday, June 12, celebrities flocked to the Myspace Event held at The El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, California. The party was part of Myspace's comeback initiative, which coupled with TV commercials and other advertising might just give other social media sites, such as Facebook and Tumblr, a run for their money if they're not careful. While many stars, such as Dianna Argon, looked positively flawless on the black carpet, others crashed in a burst of leather, denim, and loungewear.

dianna argon dress

Glee star, Dianna Argon, looked as dapper and adorable as ever. She sported a white Marc Jacobs ruffle blouse, a pleated floral print skirt, and a white pair of Mary Jane pumps. She accessorized her grownup girl next door look with a light blue leather clutch that made her cherry-red lipstick pop and went well with her skirt's pattern. Overall, her outfit was simple and clean-cut, yet cohesive and complete.

miley cyrus fashion

At the other end of the night's fashion spectrum sat A-lister Miley Cyrus in one of her most unbearable outfits yet. The Disney pop star gone wild child reached her punk fashion rock bottom as soon as she pulled on a pair of denim-sweatpants hybrid trousers, which she wore with a black Alexander Wang bralette and leather jacket. Miley's baggy and sloppily cuffed bottoms made her look more like a hillbilly about to garden than a celebrity walking down the red carpet. The bralette-jacket's sex appeal may have done some damage control by showing off the singer's toned core, but there was really no coming back from her motley pair of loungewear-denim hybrid pants. Cyrus added insult to injury by topping off her outfit with a pair of pointy-toed, white pumps, which, although nice on their own, only worked to throw the entire getup off even more. To make matters worse, Cyrus chose to accessorize her outfit with some chunky bling. While her bulky necklaces and multiple earrings may have looked half decent with her punk-leather top, Miley's sparkling gold grills really put this look over the edge—going from outlandish to out of her mind.

miley cyrus face

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