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8/11/13 @ 6:07pm PST
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Chloë Grace Moretz: Kicking Ass

chloe moretz 290

On Monday, August 5th, part of the Kick-Ass 2 cast gathered in London for a photo call. Among the many surprises that the sequel has to offer, including Jim Carrey as a superhero, we also got a glimpse of the child star Chloe (aka Hit Girl) strutting her stuff.

At first, this outfit reminded me of something that I would have worn in high school when Hot Topic was the only store that existed in my world. Then, it got me thinking of the movie Beetlejuice. The creepy classic. Could this outfit also become a creepy classic? Umm, yeah!


Let me say that I mean creepy in the best way possible here. In a world where the current trend is to mix up patterns and well... good luck pulling it off, Viktor and Rolf manage to make an outfit in one pattern that is both striking and smart. The designers are also known for their fragrance Flowerbomb, which has taken the world by storm and that Sephora's website describes as a fragrance that, "...has the power to make everything seem more positive.

chloe mortez in viktor rolf kick ass 2 london photocall

Well, Viktor and Rolf has done it again. When a black, white and grey pantsuit has the power to stand out in a crowd without looking drab, everything definitely seems more positive. The vertical stripes and simple Mary Jane heels make Chloe's 5'4" frame appear to be miles taller, and the jacket is perfectly tailored and donned so well, she looks comfortable enough to spend a week in this outfit. We don't condone that, though.

chloe moretz 435

So how does she manage to pull off this look without looking stiff? The fact that her jacket is unbuttoned sends a message that she isn't trying too hard. The wavy, middle parted hair also sends out the same vibe. Oh yeah, and having Christopher Mintz-Plasse by your side helps too.

Basically, Chloe is really cool and is owning this look. I'm not just saying this because I have a Hit Girl costume in my closet, and sometimes wish I could be as awesome as Hit Girl's character. She's kind of a Hit Girl in real life, too.


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