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9/1/13 @ 8:20pm PST
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Cate Blanchette’s Questionable Dress At The Blue Jasmine Premiere

cate blanchett dress

Tuesday, August 27th was a day in Paris to celebrate and premiere Woody Allen's 44th film, Blue Jasmine. Cate Blanchette plays a socialite who's life starts crumbling, so she moves to San Francisco to reconnect with her sister (played by Sally Hawkins). While it is no question that Cate is a mesmerizing actress, her dress fell short of her talent that night.

If you only look at this part of her dress, she is ravishing! She is always poised and super elegant. The detail in this Christopher Kane dress is so intricate and delicate looking, it only makes sense that the netting makes an image of a flower. A quote from Christopher Kane on his designs says, “I love detail, especially some sort of embellishment that can transform a garment instantly... What a masterpiece, right?


cate blanchett dress 2


Whoa! Wait a minute! This can't be the same dress! Sadly, the top part is the only part that makes sense. There are so many neat ideas in this dress, and that's just it. It's too many things going into one garment. The netting transforms into a picture of someone's face sniffing the stem of the flower (I think?) and her right side extends longer, creating an asymmetrical design. Then, almost as if someone ran out of time, the netting stops and we can see the rest of the nude colored slip coming down, with tulle layered over the bottom half. The tulle is shorter in front, and comes down draping close to the floor in the back. She completes the outfit with a pair of nude colored pointy toed pumps that are simple and look great on her.

The dress just feels ill-fitting and doesn't appear to move well with Cate. She can light up a room with her presence and talent, but the dress simply wasn't able to hold up it's end of the deal. 


Putting this outfit aside, you can see Blue Jasmine in theaters now. Next, you can check her out as she reprises her role as Elf Galadriel in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug  which is due December 13th. Only five days later on December 18th, you can catch her alongside Matt Damon in the WWII drama The Monuments Men. Hopefully, this busy lady continues to wow us all!

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