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9/6/13 @ 12:54am PST
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Backpacks Are Back!

backpack rihanna cara

It appears that backpacks aren’t just for school anymore. Celebrities can be seen walking around with the convenient accessories quite often as of late. This cute palm tree backpack was spotted on both Rihanna and Cara Delevingne while out and about. This specific backpack is by MCM, which stands for Mode Creation Munich. They specialize in “the artisanal expertise of German craftsmanship, constantly redefined by modern lifestyles” as said on their website. It is currently selling for $970 (which I believe is ridiculous. There are just as many cutesy leather backpacks you can find for much cheaper, but hey, they can spend it!)




backpack kanye

Not-so-loveable Kanye West was spotted wearing this backpack by Goyard which describes itself as, “The Maison Goyard, founded in 1853 in Paris by François Goyard, is known to be the oldest and most prestigious trunk maker in existence.” This backpack features the signature Goyard design with orange leather trim, and compliments this look with an orange shirt and black jacket. This is the first time I have seen someone in orange and black and didn’t instantly think about Halloween! Well, now I am thinking about it, but you get what I mean. 


Backpack Mary Kate

Here you can see Mary-Kate Olsen sporting a backpack at an event for the grand opening of Otarian, which is the planet’s most sustainable restaurant. You can view the restaurant’s website here: This leather and woven fabric creation is by Pendleton, which specializes in woven clothing and home goods. Of course, Mary-Kate is able to make anything look chic so go her!



backpack matt damon

Of course, I don’t think that even Mary-Kate could make this backpack look chic. Here we can see Matt Damon with one of his daughter’s backpacks casually slung over his shoulder (aww)! This backpack says, “Twinkle Toes” on the front and is by Sketchers, which goes for around $25 (THAT’S a decent price!). Anywho, it looks like backpacks are here to stay for a while, whether you’re in elementary school or a superstar.

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