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5/27/13 @ 6:45am PST
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Adam Lambert Styles In Glam Rock Inspired Coat

Adam Lambert genie

“Love or Glamour?” That is the question to ask Saturday night’s genie Adam Lambert.

31 year old singer Adam Lambert, best known as the runner up in Season 8 of American Idol, revealed his new song “Love Wins Over Glamour” as the theme song of Life Ball 2013 in Vienna, Austria on May 25.  The song refers to the celebration of life versus riches, which alludes to the Life Ball as Europe’s largest fundraiser for HIV and AIDs causes.  However, Lambert’s role as “Ali Baba,” complete with a jewel-encrusted brocade gown and turban fit perfectly with the Ball’s theme of “1001 Nights.” But, it seemed to send a mixed message with his “flash don’t matter” lyrics.

The Arabian themed star studded extravaganza which included guests like “I Dream of Jeannie’s” Barbara Eden, Fergie, Kelly Osbourne, and Bill Clinton was a perfect fit for suitably nicknamed “Glambert” who is well known for his flamboyant theatrical performances and nostalgically tacky but glamorous fashion.

Adam Lambert styles

Whereas at one time he preferred sparkle and flash with rhinestone and feathers in his earnest homage to ‘70s glam rock, the glamour loving star who isn’t afraid of his closet (no pun intended) now finds himself immersed in his signature all-black look, attracted to that which is avant-garde and chic.

An example of Glambert’s style evolution can be found in his 2012 VH1 Divas performance outfit.  He managed to steal the spotlight once again with a red studded leather jacket with fur gorilla sleeves by the Blonds, a black top, a thick chain necklace, metallic pants, and motorcycle boots.  To top it all off, he completed the look with his trademark smoldering black eyeliner.

Adam Lambert fashion

In contrast, Lambert toned it down without losing his glam rock appeal earlier this month at the American Idol finale.  By pairing a blue blazer with an embellished shirt, black pants, and black lace up boots, he looked chic and comfortable.

Adam Lambert suit

Like the 2013 Life Ball theme song says, “If ya don’t share your love with one another, flash don’t matter.  Love wins over glamour.” 

So, Ali Baba..love or Glamour? Well, we choose both, thanks to Glambert!

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remede -
5/28/13 @ 9:37am PST

oh Trisha, a sense of humor is an asset. I thoroughly enjoyed your style assessment, Diana.

Rand Medley -
5/28/13 @ 5:17am PST

I love that jacket. To bad it was for a one time only event. I was hoping he'd be able to keep it for his next tour. It's a perfect performance outfit for him. His favorite colours, peacock feathers and lots of shiny sparkly things.

Trisha -
5/27/13 @ 7:43pm PST

The coat isn't "glam rock" inspired, it's inspired by the 1001 Nights Arabian theme - as you pointed out. He dressed for the occasion not the lyrics. His "style evolution" isn't represented in his VH1 Divas' outfit - he wore 8 different looks that night to epitomize "being a diva" not to make a personal fashion statement. And the purple top hat/coat ensemble was from his first tour - for specific songs - any peformer who hopes for longevity changes up their performance look - Adam is no exception. I really wish anyone writing a style column (on any artist) would learn the artist's history before making judgements or drawing conclusions. "Nostalgically tacky"? Please.

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