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9 Korean Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos That Will Shock You!

korean plastic surgery 2

In the past few years we've seen a trend of shocking Korean plastic surgery. They're taking a very aggressive approach to surgery by completely altering people's physical appearance. Usually, good surgery is done conservatively and should be almost unnoticeable. But, a new generation of plastic babies are being born. The most popular procedures in Korean are the chin / jaw surgery and the double eyelid surgery. A lot of men and women are getting their jaws shaved down for a more petite and less prominent look. Also, the the double eyelid surgery removes skin from the upper and lower eyelids to make them "pop" more. The first case (above) was a young woman who had her jaw shaved down / re-shaped along with double eyelid surgery.

This young man made all of the Korean headlines after his incredible transformation. By getting a nose job, jaw surgery, plus eyelid surgery, his whole face looks slimmer and more appealing. In the after photo, he looks like an all out ladies man!


male korean plastic surgery

Once again, this before and after photo shows a young Korean woman who got jaw surgery and double eyelid surgery.


korea plastic surgery

This photo is simply remarkable. How that's the same person is almost unbelievable.


korean plastic surgery before and after

By shaving down the jaw and making the eyes wider, it gives an Anime look. Yes it looks good, but no human on earth would ever look like that naturally.


korean plastic surgery

In order to achieve this look, this young man only had jaw surgery.


korean surgery

Here we see another case of the jaw / eyelid surgery combo. That seems to be the trend in Korean plastic surgery.


plastic surgery korean

I don't know about this one... she looks almost like a mouse now. It's a little too petite of a look, and it's completely unnatural.


plastic surgery from korea

This woman had a terrific result by getting jaw surgery and having her eyelids tucked in a bit to make them smaller.


korean plastic surgery 3

Be sure to vote below on which before and after photo is the best. Also, leave a comment on what your thoughts are.

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Nicole -
5/12/14 @ 5:09pm PST

The author Weston A. Price wrote about the causes of jaw and facial deformities. Some of the 'before' pictures show people whose jaws really are deformed, but there is a reason why they grew that way. A combination of malnutrition during pregnancy, and exposure to toxic chemicals and drugs, is the cause of these facial deformities, which are extremely common in modern societies, but do not exist at all in primitive hunter-gatherer societies, who are never exposed to chemicals and never eat processed foods. There are many other deformities of the body that are caused by malnutrition and chemicals, not just facial deformities. Weston Price's book is called 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.' You can read it online for free at Project Gutenberg Australia's website. (I'd put up a link, but links are often not allowed in comments.)

ttongsul -
9/9/13 @ 5:30pm PST

Wow korean women sure are ugly before and look-the-same plastic freaks after.


Wyn Kelly -
9/8/13 @ 11:15pm PST

This girl had the most improvemnt. I cheer for her!

Janet -
5/24/13 @ 5:16pm PST

Every one of their jaws looks different

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