Tags: Katy Perry, Dresses  |  May. 22, 2013 @ 1:10am PST  |  By: Graham

8 Different Katy Perry Dresses | Which Do You Like The Best?

Katy Perry Dresses


Here's her funky "America dress."

Katy Perry America Dress


This cute dress has a Japanese style to it.

Katy Perry Dress


Katy Perry wore a neon glowing dress this night.

katy perry funky dress


This is a funny political dress.

Katy Perry Tight Dress


This is a clever dress that says "Admit One."

Katy Perry Admit One Dress


Here's a skin tight leather blue dress.

katy perry blue dress


This is a cool & funky creme colored dress with musical notes on it.

katy perry music dress

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