Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery Before And After Chin Implant | Nose Job | Facelift

Vicki Gunvalson felt the need to regain her confidence by getting a bunch of plastic surgery. Her chin implant, nose job, and facelift probably weren't necessary, but they made her feet better about herself. She was in tears last season when costar Slade Smiley called her Miss Piggy. After the incident, Vicki Gunvalson confessed this to Us Weekly, "I've always felt like I'm not pretty enough." As a result she got facial fillers / Botox, got a nose job which thinned her nose, and the ever famous chin implant. The nose job and Botox I can understand, but the chin implant just seemed over the top. Vicki Gunvalson looks like she could crack a steel walnut with that thing!

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Vicki Gunvalson chin implants

This before and after photo really shows just how different Vicki Gunvalson looks now. She looked prettier and obviously more natural before the plastic surgery. Her face just has an odd shape and contour now. I would think by age 50 you wouldn't let superficial disses effect you that prolifically. She should be able to just rise above a stupid slander like that and see the Slade Smiley is insecure to feel the need to say something like that.

Vicki Gunvalson plastic surgery

Vicki Gunvalson nose job

Vicki Gunvalson before and after

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Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery

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