Vanessa Hudgens' Fabulous Outfits: Rocking The Full-length Dress

It’s no secret that Disney Channel starlet turned cult film favorite Vanessa Hudgens has become a style icon in her years treading the red carpet, but it’s the way she artfully wears full-length dresses that stops critics and fans in their tracks. 

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Vanessa Hudgens Dresses

Vanessa Hudgens certainly has no fear for bold color! The stunning actress wore a gorgeous bright yellow long dress to an event, baring her tanned skin in all the right places.

Vanessa Hudgens Dresses

At another red carpet event, the young actress opted for a strapless pink dress. It’s not easy to pull off a color like that, and Vanessa does it artfully.

Vanessa Hudgens Dresses

The ‘Spring Breakers’ actress has her share of classic and modern elegance as well, showing off her more mature side in gold and black gowns, her signature colors.

Vanessa Hudgens Dresses

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Vanessa Hudgens Dresses

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