Vanessa Ferlito Before And After Plastic Surgery Nose Job And Lip Injections

  Vanessa Ferlito got the type of nose job that you never want to get. The plastic surgery left her with the dreaded "pinched nose" look that just screams out "I got a nose job!" Any well qualified plastic surgeon will never give you that look, so it's odd when well off celebrities have this happen to them. Most likely she just went with the wrong surgeon. In addition to the nose job, she had lip injections. Just look at how bloated her lips look in the before and after picture.    

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Vanessa Ferlito Plastic Surgery

      There's just not a natural looking transition from the bridge to the tip of her nose. Also, rebuilding cartilage in the tip of a nose is one the hardest things for a surgeon to do. That's why "good surgeons" typically don't actually remove any cartilage from the tip, rather they re-shape the cartilage already there.    

Vanessa Ferlito Plastic Surgery

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Vanessa Ferlito Plastic Surgery

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Edgar -
2/9/17 @ 5:44pm PST

Vanessa had a beauty all her own. Plastic surgery as detrated from her natural beauty. botox lip injections, well let's
just say that they make her look like a chimp or something from the monkey family! Please STOP, before you ruin
what you had like Michael Jackson, and a list of others did to abuse what they were born with!


Me -
10/26/16 @ 3:10pm PST
  1. I think her lips are awful on her too much like Angelina Jolie her lips were fine before. and you tell the lips were done more the the nose.
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