Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants | Nose Job

Tori Spelling has deeply regretted getting plastic surgery. Her breast implants and nose job have put her on the worst cosmetic surgery of all time list which I'm sure doesn't appeal to her. The breast implants came out very unnatural and left an odd dent in between each of her breasts. Then, her nose job looks disproportional and has weird dents on each side. The first picture shows Tori Spelling before and after her breast implants. The plastic surgery increased her breast size from a B cup to a D - but an odd looking D at that.

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Tori Spelling plastic surgery

It's likely that Tori Spelling has had more than one nose job. Her nose looks a little disfigured in both the before and after picture.

Tori Spelling nose job

Tori Spelling breast implants

She was a natural beauty before getting plastic surgery.

Tori Spelling before and after

Tori Spelling cosmetic surgery

Tori Spelling boob job

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Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery

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