Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants | Liposuction

Unfortunately, Tara Reid falls into the bad plastic surgery category. Before her breast implants and liposuction disaster, she was America's sweetheart. When the second American Pie came out, just about every guy in the country wanted to get with her. But, Tara Reid picked a bad plastic surgeon and ended up with a funky looking boob job and excess skin from a botched liposuction. Before her breast implants she was an A cup, but after it her breast sized increased to a C. Despite the increased size, they look really saggy and unnatural; which defeats the purpose of getting breast implants.

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Tara Reid breast implants

This shows Tara Reid after her liposuction. Notice all the extra skin on her stomach.

Tara Reid plastic surgery

It's always a shame when these naturally beautiful women destroy themselves through unnecessary plastic surgery.

Tara Reid before and after

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Tara Reid Plastic Surgery

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