Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Suzanne Somers has continued to deny all the plastic surgery rumors around her. She's been suspected of getting a facelift and Botox, but there's also a rumor that she actually got a stem cell facelift. This would of course be a very new form of plastic surgery that hasn't been extensively tested. We know that she has used unproven hormone therapies for weight-loss, so this wouldn't be too surprising. When confronted about plastic surgery, Suzanne Somers replied, “It has literally kept my face from collapsing without surgery." Back in the late 70's she was the blonde bomb-shell beauty on Threes Company, but now she just doesn't look right. This before and after photo shows her right before getting the "supposed" facelift and after it.

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Suzanne Somers plastic surgery

Here's Suzanne Somers when she was in her early 30's and from today.

Suzanne Somers before and after

There's some obvious skin irregularities around her chin which just doesn't look natural.

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery before and after

Suzanne Somers before and after plastic surgery

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Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery

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