Sophia Bush Feet Toes Trends In Shoes And High Heels

When Sophia Bush walks, it’s always a pleasure to watch her feet. Her shoes and high heels are always eye catching. There are times that she will follow trends and wear shoes that are pretty and dazzling. There are other times that she will wear shoes that are a reflection of her and starts a trend all of its own. As Sophia walks, her shoes always seem to be as comfortable to her as they are cute. She doesn’t mind standing out in the crowd.  

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Sophia Bush Feet

  She makes her metalic shoes pop with a touch of black on her toenails.

Sophia Bush Feet

Sophia Bush Feet

  Sophia Bush doesn't mind standing out with kitten faced flats.

Sophia Bush Feet

  She even likes a few straps and chains.

Sophia Bush Feet

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Sophia Bush Shoes

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