Snooki Before And After Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Boob Job

Over the years, there have been many plastic surgery rumors surrounding Snooki. It's thought that she's had a nose job and boob job, but before and after pictures can't definitively prove it. This photo tries to prove that Snooki had a nose job. It looks like her nose is slightly wider in the left pic, but a lot of that could just be the lighting difference.

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Snooki Plastic Surgery

This before and after shows Snooki at a different angle, which makes her nose look longer in the after pic. Do you think it's just the angles, or did she in fact have a nose job?

Snooki Plastic Surgery

Snooki has always had an above average bra size. If she had breast implants, it would have been before she entered the public eye.

Snooki Plastic Surgery

Here we can see Snooki before and after her weight loss. She actually said she wanted a boob job after the weight loss to get her breast size back to where it was. Anyway, after analyzing all of the before and after photos, which (if any) plastic surgery operations do you think Snooki actually had?

Snooki Plastic Surgery

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Snooki Plastic Surgery

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