Should Justin Bieber Get A Nose Job? Plastic Surgery Before And After

Alright alright, we know Justin Bieber hasn’t had plastic surgery... but should he? Would he ever get a nose job? Never say never! Here is a slightly younger pic of Justin, and I say slightly because he’s still a baby at the current age of 19. It’s almost like when a puppy growing into their paws, and you kind of wonder: Will he grow into his nose?  

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Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery

    So far so good. Like I said before, he’s still really young and therefore has a lot of changing to do. This picture shows that he has very curved features. Perhaps when he gets older, he will have more of a jaw line and we will be able to define his features better.    

Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery

    Ah! Here we are. If you glance between the first picture and this one, it is crazy to see how someone’s face can change and still look the same. The nose is still rounded at the tip, but it makes sense with the rest of his face.    

Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery

    Lastly, here is a profile pic. Honestly, his nose looks fine, but it seems to be the thing to get your schnoz done to look smaller. Will we see Justin Bieber with smaller nostrils and a thinner bridge one day? Plastic Surgery probably isn't in his future, but it wouldn't hurt him. He will always have his die hard fans!     

Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery

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Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery

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