Shia LaBeouf Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job

We have been following Shia LaBeouf around since he was Even Stevens. The plastic surgery he may have had is a nose job. Oh, they grow up so fast! This before and after shows Shia as a kid, and then now he has much more angilar features, including a smaller nose! The nostrils are definitely smaller and more even now.    

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Shia LaBeouf Plastic Surgery

    Here is another picture of Shia LaBeouf as a kid. While this isn’t a before and after, you can see that he used to have quite the nose. The bridge is pretty wide and so are the nostrils.    

Shia LaBeouf Plastic Surgery

    While you can see that he did grow into his face, Shia LaBeouf must have had plastic surgery to make his nose look less protruding. Not that his nose looked bad before, he just looks more elegant here. So ladies, plastic surgery?    

Shia LaBeouf Plastic Surgery

    This angle shows that his nostrils now look smaller and the somewhat drooping tip is now gone. Maybe Shia LaBeouf wanted to look extra good for Transformers? Who knew plastic surgery would be the answer to this? Ah well, just keep doing what you do!    

Shia LaBeouf Plastic Surgery

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Shia LaBeouf Plastic Surgery

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