Selena Gomez Dresses For Success This Summer

Selena Gomez loves her dresses and has been one of Hollywood's hottest celebrities this summer. She has been doing some serious dress shopping for all of her red carpet appearences. She donned this Versace Couture gown at the 2013 Billboard Awards. The dress seems redolent of her newest film, "Spring Breakers", which hit theaters early this summer.

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Selena Gomez Dresses

    Selena Gomez sported this relatively simple and cleancut, yet risque off-white dress with white accents on the bodice and train. She completed the look with a purple clutch and matching shoes that really popped on the blue carpet at the Teen Choice Awards. 

Selena Gomez Dresses

Selena Gomez auctioned off her grey, flowing, sheer dress from her music video for her song, "A Year Without Rain". The proceeds went towards UNICEF, a charity that she is predominant proponent of.

Selena Gomez Dresses

This Selena Gomez outfit turned heads at the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards. The starlet strapped on a pair of Jimmy Choos donned this chic, black Versace dress, which she accessorized Neil Jane jewelry. It's a good thing that Selena Gomez dressed for success because she went on to win the "Fan Favorite Album Award" and "Most Anticipated Tour Award" for her latest album Stars Dance.

selena gomez dress

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Selena Gomez Dresses

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