Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job | Botox | Facelift

Has Sandra Bullock had plastic surgery? Possibilities include a nose job, Botox and a facelift. This before and after is almost overwhelming... her nose has the same form but it seems to have shrunk! Everything about it is smaller, the bridge is more narrow, the nostrils are thinner, and it has a more turned up look now.    

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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

      Unless she’s had two nose jobs, I don’t see a big difference in this before and after. This could be lighting, makeup, etc. making her face look different. Either way, Sandra Bullock must have had some plastic surgery done on her nose at some point.    

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

    When it comes to Botox, this picture kind of says it all. Sandra Bullock is smiling, yet her whole face appears to be molded out of some kind of plastic! She appears completely smooth and the skin around her eyes looks very tight. You don’t need a before and after here!    

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

    Besides Botox, a facelift is another option. Notice how celebrities seem to get younger as they age, like in this before and after? Sandra Bullock is no exception to the plastic surgery craze. Either way, she always looks gorgeous.    

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

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