Rihanna Short Hair With Bangs Updo

I personally think that short hair on Rihanna is her best hairstyle. She gets creative with how she styles it by having bangs, making it an updo, and giving it crazy shapes. In the first pic she pulls the bangs over her left eye. Let's hope no one ruffled her hair that night! :)

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rihanna short hair

This is a cool shape here.

rihanna hair short

rihanna short haircut

Hmmm... this is a?... It looks like a mini version of Janelle Monae's hair.

Rihanna Short Hairstyle

rihanna with short hair

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Rihanna Hairstyles

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nana hanse -
7/19/13 @ 5:56am PST

i am dayng for this style


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