Renee Graziano Plastic Surgery Before And After Butt Implants, Liposuction

Renee Graziano had a botched full body lift, but had plastic surgery a year later to correct it. The doctor gave her butt implants, fixed a hole in her back from the last surgery, and did some liposuction. The fully delighted Renee Graziano had this to say, "There was a huge hole in my back so he grafted part of my stomach and then with all the fat left over he filled my rear end and I no longer have a tiny heinie. I have always been top heavy, I had E cup breasts and no butt whatsoever." Dr. Fiorillo (her plastic surgeon) had this to say, "I did a Brazilian butt lift involving liposuction out of her mid section – stomach, flanks, back and thighs and took out about two liters of fat. We washed it then injected it into her behind to give her a nice bubble butt." Here's Renee Graziano after plastic surgery flaunting her new body.

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Renee Graziano Plastic Surgery

This is Renee Graziano with Her E cups.

Renee Graziano Plastic Surgery

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Renee Graziano Plastic Surgery

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