Christina Hendricks Hair - Romantic Curly Updo

‘Mad Men’ actress Christina Hendricks stunned the red carpet with her romantic curly updo, highlighting her beautiful red hair and gorgeous features. The buxom bombshell, also known for her role as Saffron on the FOX series ‘Firefly,’ was voted the “sexiest woman in the world” by ‘Esquire’ magazine, but opted for a more subtly seductive look on the red carpet with her Jane Austen-esque romantic updo. The 38-year-old Tennessee-native pulled her fabulous red hair up into a sexy bun of tousled and loose curls which she contrasted with her sleek side bangs, separated by a simple gold braided headband. Hendricks complemented her look with dangly gold earrings, full lashes, and a nude lip to accentuate her stunning emerald green gown.
Christina Hendricks Hair
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