Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery Before After Breast Implants | Nose Job

Has Penelope Cruz, the beautiful brunette had plastic surgery? She may have had a boob job and nose job. Here you can see a lovely Penelope looking very natural and fit in this bikini top, showing off her delicate figure.    

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Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery

    Whoa! What happened to Penelope Cruz here? It looks as though her breasts have grown! They are now extremely round and higher up on her chest. Although, by how tight the dress is, it appears that it’s just the dress doing an amazing job of keeping her lady parts together. This could very easily be an illusion and not plastic surgery.    

Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery

    So did Penelope Cruz get plastic surgery by means of a nose job? This before and after is pretty astonishing. You can see that her nose was more full and rounded towards the tip, but now it is much more sleek, like she could cut air with it and be more aerodynamic. The whole nose is thinner and even the nostrils have a different shape. She does look amazing though, she even looks younger!    

Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery

    Now we can see the nose from the front. Penelope Cruz has showed that she is confident enough to go through a big change and flaunt it. Plastic surgery or not, she looks great. Go Penelope!    

Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery

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Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery

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