Patrick Dempsey Before And After Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Patrick Dempsey openly admits to getting a nose job, but says it wasn't elective plastic surgery. This before and after picture shows that his nose looks crooked now, which is a weird result for a nose job. According to him though, the reason he got the plastic surgery was because suffered a hockey injury as a teenager. A puck nailed him mack dabb in the middle of his face breaking his nose and deviating the septum. This then required a septoplasty to straighten the septum (improve the air passage ways for breathing) along with some minor cosmetic work. Once again, Patrick Dempsey's nose looks totally crooked now, but somehow works on his face. Either way, that's how his nose job came out, and he stuck with it for all these years.

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Patrick Dempsey Plastic Surgery

Notice how before plastic surgery, the tip and bridge of Patrick Dempsey's nose are much wider.

Patrick Dempsey Plastic Surgery

The crooked nose adds to his character and actually gives him a unique look. So, the nose job was apparently a success!

Patrick Dempsey Plastic Surgery

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Patrick Dempsey Plastic Surgery

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