Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job | Breast Implants

Paris Hilton is the silly heiress that everyone loves to hate, but did she get plastic surgery? She may have had a nose job and breast implants. This before and after shows a huge difference in her nose over time. She actually had quite the schnoz before! Now you can see that her nose has thinned out and is more petite.    

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Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

    A second before and after of her nose shows Paris Hilton at the same angle which is convenient. You can see that the slope of her nose is more steep, and there is a more pronounced tip. Looks like plastic surgery to me!    

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

    Another plastic surgery possibility is breast implants. Here you can see Paris Hilton wearing a dress that shows a very small figure, and then wow! She now has a more pronounced shape that is more rounded and perky. Push-up bra or implants?    

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

    Here can see a huge difference in this before and after. The right picture shows an unproportionate Paris with a chest that could take an eye out. Again, looks like plastic surgery to me!    

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

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Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

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