Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job

Oprah Winfrey could afford anything she wanted, so did she spend some of that money on plastic surgery? She may have had a nose job. This before and after shows that her nostrils used to be wide with a wider bridge. On the right, you can see that her nose is still kind of wide, but the bridge appears a lot thinner. Could this be makeup or plastic surgery magic?    

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Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery

    In a much older before and after, you can see that Oprah Winfrey’s nose used to be a little more turned up and rounded at the tip. Now, it has taken on a whole different shape and is more flat. Plastic surgery, anyone?    

Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery

    This shows a much more drastic difference in Oprah Winfrey’s face. Since our schnozes are one of the body parts that are constantly growing, it’s hard to believe that her nose is shrinking on it’s own.    

Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery

    Whether or not Oprah got a nose job, she will always be a wonderful, intelligent woman with a kind heart. Keep doing what you do!    

Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery

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Oprah Winfrey Plastic Surgery

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