Olsen Twins Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

When you think of the Olsen Twins, adorable and innocent babies don't come to mind. Rather, frightening plastic surgery shrouded with an eclectic past come comes up. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen are twins who had identical plastic surgery. Both of them have had nose jobs and wear heavy makeup. They used to have bulbous tips, but now their noses are slim an refined. This before and after picture shows that they both got virtually the same nose job.

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Olsen Twins nose job

These days, they always look draned in pictures.

Olsen Twins plastic surgery

It may not be a good assessment to judge their current appearance due a little plastic surgery. Drug use and partying have been mixed in as well. The plastic surgery actually came out good, it's the sleep deprivation and creepy facial expressions that give off the odd look.

Olsen Twins before and after

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Olsen Twins Plastic Surgery

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