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Nicki Minaj has more wigs and hairstyles than any other celebrity in Hollywood. Her hair literally changes everyday, but that's because it's not really her hair! When it comes to wigs, she's basically Roger from American Dad. But, she's not an alien... or is she??? This is probably Nicki Minaj's most popular hairstyle because it's a bright yellow wig with some bubblegum colors on the ends.

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Nicki Minaj Hair

Here's her cotten candy look!

nicki minaj cotten candy

nicki minaj hair

Yikes! This is a frumpy school girlish look. A little odd...

nicki minaj haircut

nicki minaj pink hair

What's going on with her face in this picture? It looks like she had a lot of Botox before it.

nicki minaj wig

nicki minaj wigs

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Nicki Minaj Hairstyles

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