Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants | Nose Job | Botox

Naya Rivera has quickly became a big time celebrity, but she had more than a little plastic surgery along the way to get her there. It started with the standard breast implants and a nose job, but had recently gotten aggressive with the Botox injections. If you look at that face in the first photo there's no way she can deny that she's had Botox. There's not one wrinkle, line, or even sagging around her jaw line. Even though Naya Rivera is only in her 20's, she looks like a 35 year old trying to look young. It's just not a natural look.

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naya rivera botox

This photo clearly illustrates the over abundance of Botox Naya Rivera has taken too. Botox is become a normal thing for younger and younger girls (and guys). We all remember the psycho mom who gave her 7 year old daughter Botox.

naya rivera after plastic surgery

This before and after photos shows Naya Rivera's breast implants. The plastic surgery increased her breast size from an A cup to a large C.

naya rivera plastic surgery

naya rivera before plastic surgery

It's a little known fact that Naya Rivera had a nose job. When she was about 16 - 18 years old she had the tip narrowed.

naya rivera nose job

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