Natalie Portman Feet - She Loves Her Barely There Shoes And High Heels

When Natalie Portman is out, so are her feet. Her shoes are often strappy and allow her toes to hang out. Her high heel signature is barely there. Although her shoes are miniscule, her style is legendary. She knows just what barely there shoe will enhance her beautiful legs. She keeps her style the same no matter where she is. When she is working on the red carpet, she lets her toes free. When she is relaxing, so are her feet.

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Natalie Portman Feet

  She knows just what to wear to accentuate her appearance.

Natalie Portman Feet

  When Natalie Portman gives an interview, so does her feet.

Natalie Portman Feet

Natalie Portman Feet

  She knows how to dress her feet down.

Natalie Portman Feet

  Even in the most elegant settings, her shoes are barely seen.

Natalie Portman Feet

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Natalie Portman Shoes

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