Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Breast Implants | Botox

Miley Cyrus has long been suspected of plastic surgery, but it's never been definitively proven. It looks like she had a nose job, breast implants, and Botox injections, but you can be the judge. Miley Cyrus was thought to have had a nose job around 2009. The tip of her nose and nostrils used to be bigger, but now they're smaller and more petite.

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Miley Cyrus nose job

Miley Cyrus before and after

Here's a close up before and after picture of Miley Cyrus's nose job.

Miley Cyrus plastic surgery

This is thought to be Miley Cyrus after breast implants. Her old bra size was a 34B, but now it's listed as a 34C.

Miley Cyrus breast implants

She's using a push up bra, but her bust looks bigger than it used to be.

Miley Cyrus boob job

OK, now that's a Botox face! I'm sorry, but no one looks like that and didn't have Botox injections.

Miley Cyrus botox

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Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery

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