Mila Kunis Feet In Flat Shoes And High Heels

Mila Kunis enjoys putting her feet on display in flat shoes and skin baring high heels. She is often seen in shoes that barely have any material to them. She has an earthy appeal that is complimented by her flat shoes and the few high heels she wears. Many of her fans expect to see her feet when she is out and even when she is on the red carpet. When she is on a photo shoot, she also has her feet on display, with our without shoes. 

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Mila Kunis Feet

    She has worn shoes that have a barely there appeal on the red carpet.    

Mila Kunis Feet

    She also loves a basic black high heel when she is working the carpets.    

Mila Kunis Feet

    Mila Kunis will also use her feet as the focal point of a photo shoot.    

Mila Kunis Feet

    But on her personal time, she is usually in flip flops or other flat shoes.    

Mila Kunis Feet

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Mila Kunis Shoes

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