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Where do we begin with the Michael Jackson plastic surgery saga? It all started with his insecurity of how he looked when he was younger. First, he famously got a nose job a couple years before Off The Wall came out. But, soon there after he would get a chin implant along with another nose job. A few nose jobs later, the "Vitiligo" story broke out when his skin tone started to change color. People thought it was a result of all the plastic surgery he had gotten, but Michael Jackson claimed it was a medical disease. In Michael Jackson's defense, if you look at him in pictures from the "Jacksons" take of "The Wizard Of Oz", you can see that he has some blotchiness on his hand and arm. But, it would spiral out of control from there. Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon was based out Beverly Hills and apparently didn't no how to say no. He actually wrote a medical book on african american rhinoplasties, but many medical professionals though it was a joke. This doctor is on the American Board of Plastic Surgery (an exclusive club for exceptional plastic surgeons) and finished top in his class in college, but he's still not respected in the medical community. A good plastic surgeon knows when to turn a patient away, but he simply didn't. Here a before and after photo of Michael Jackson from when he was a teenager right before he got any plastic surgery to later in his life.

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Michael Jackson plastic surgery

Michael Jackson before and after

Michael Jackson before and after plastic surgery

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Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery

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