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We all know that Melanie Griffith has had some odd looking plastic surgery. Her before and after pictures show an astounding difference from when she was younger. But, most people don't know that she was actually diagnosed with skin cancer in 2009. After some of the plastic surgery her face looks puffy which would suggest facial fillers from Restylane or Juvaderm. Also, her nose looks different than it used to with would suggest a nose job. It actually looks squished and indented now. But, Melanie Griffith has recently had most of her plastic surgery refined to look much better. This first before and after photo shows her at a much younger age all the way up to a couple years ago.

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Melanie Griffith plastic surgery

It's likely that she had lip injections in addition to her other procedures.

Melanie Griffith before and after

Melanie Griffith facelift

Melanie Griffith cosmetic surgery

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Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery

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