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Megan Fox has quite a passion for getting tattoos all of which have symbolic meanings. Also, she's only had tattoo removal once. Her first and most notable tattoo (that she wrote herself) is the one on her left rib cage. It is a poem that reads, "there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART."

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megan fox ankle tattoo

The tatto on her back reads, "We will all laugh at guilded butterflies."

megan fox back tattoo

This tattoo says "love" on her lower stomach.

Megan Fox Stomach Tattoo

megan fox tattoo

The Marilyn Monroe tattoos is the one Megan Fox had removed. She said it was INCREDIBLY painful...

megan fox tattoos

megan fox updo

Megan Fox Wrist Tattoo

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Megan Fox Tattoos

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