Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox | Nose Job | Breast Implants

Has Megan Fox had plastic surgery? The star has been at the center of Botox, nose job, and breast implants rumors for some time now. But, despite all of the evidence and speculation, she denies it all. Megan Fox was an aspiring actress from age 5 and was able to rise to the top of her field. When she played the "hot girlfriend" in Transformers she was nearly every guys fantasy. But, at that time she had a very natural look. As far as plastic surgery goes, she got a nose job right after high school and didn't get breast implants until 2010. There was nothing wrong with these 2 procedures, but the Botox injections were what hurt her. When some pictures sufaced of her face looking odd, people immediately assumed that she had gotten Botox. To combat these accusations, Megan Fox released a series of photos where she scrunched her face in odd positions. Here, she's furrowing her forehead to try and proove that she still has a natural range of motion in her face.

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Megan Fox plastic surgery

It's hard to believe that she's plastic-surgery-free because this face shows all the signs of Botox. It's shiny, looks plastic, and seems like it's in a fixed position.

Megan Fox after plastic surgery

Once again, there's a striking and unnatural change in her face.

Megan Fox botox

Megan Fox before and after

This before and after photo shows the nose job she got after high school. All it did was smooth out a bump of the bridge of her nose and close a gap on the tip. The surgery came out great because it was subtle and looks natural. When people get plastic surgery at a young age it's more likely that they'll have no opposition to it later on.

Megan Fox nose job

Here she is before and after getting breast implants. This procedure increased her breast size from a B cup to a 34 C.

Megan Fox boob job

Megan Fox breast implants

So, do you think Megan Fox got Botox or not?

Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after

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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

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