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Meg Ryan was amongst the most prominent and beautiful actresses of Hollywood before she partook in the world of plastic surgery. For over a decade she starred in major movie roles, but in the late 90's she made a big mistake that would derail her entire world. After a botched facelift, she was the punch line of many bad jokes in Hollywood. She had a hard time finding any work and became the girl that people "rooted for" to get her life back on track. It's really too bad because Meg Ryan had those innocent early Madonna looks early in her career. This before and after picture shows her prior to getting any plastic surgery as well as after it.

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Meg Ryan botox

Here's Meg Ryan in the 1998 before plastic surgery all the way up to 2009.

Meg Ryan before and after

In recent years, she's taken to getting Botox injections and facial fillers. The result has given her a puffy face around the cheeks, eyes, and chin.

Meg Ryan plastic surgery

Meg Ryan plastic surgery before and after

This photo shows that Meg Ryan even got lip injections. When will she stop?!

Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery

A natural look is always best.

Meg Ryan facelift

Meg Ryan cosmetic surgery

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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

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