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Did Madonna, the “Material Girl” get herself plastic surgery? It appears she may have had Botox and a facelift. She has repeatedly denied plastic surgery when asked about her face, crediting her looks to good diet and facial creams. As you can see, Madonna is very beautiful but for currently being 55 years of age, her forehead has no lines. Could a good diet really do that?    

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Madonna Plastic Surgery

    Second, we see Madonna's perfectly smooth face again, with only a hint of lines around her nose and mouth. It is very suspicious that she looks this good, and her cheekbones seem to be protruding more now. Could that be the work of a facelift?    

Madonna Plastic Surgery

    Aha! In this before and after picture it seems very apparent that Madonna had a facelift, in my opinion. Her skin looks a lot more taut in the after picture, and even her cheekbones have a rounder and fuller shape. This would suggest obvious cosmetic surgery.    

Madonna Plastic Surgery

    Lastly, we can see that she looks simply amazing, but it’s very hard to believe that she’s had no plastic surgery. What do you think?    

Madonna Plastic Surgery

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Madonna Plastic Surgery

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