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The evolution of Lindsay Lohan has been a sad spiraling journey filled with drugs, plastic surgery, and emotional distress. She's had Botox, breast implants, lip injections, facial fillers, and may need a nose job from her cocaine use. When she played her role as Cady Heron in Mean Girls, she was drop dead gorgeous and beloved by everyone in America. Girls wanted to look like her and guys wanted to date her. But, fame seemed to get the best of her and resulted in drug use and excessive partying. She claims she doesn't have a problem, but the pictures don't lie. In an attempt to try and hide the wear and tear from her aggressive lifestyle, she's turned to plastic surgery. This first before and after photo shows Lindsay Lohan when she was in Mean girls as well herself in 2013. You can see that she's had Botox, lip injections, and facial fillers at this point. Her whole face looks bloated and her expression isn't too appealing.

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lindsay lohan plastic surgery

This is from 2009 when the effects of drugs started to show. She has an odd look in her eyes.

lindsay lohan before and after

Lindsay Lohan just looks like she's loosing it at this point. She has a blonde wig on and isn't looking too healthy.

lindsay lohan botox

Here's Lindsay Lohan before and after her breast implants. She got the boob job prior to the release of Mean Girls in April of 2004.

lindsay lohan boob job

Here's Lindsay Lohan in 2013 at an Award ceremony.

Lindsay Lohan Cosmetic Surgery

This shows the effects of fillers and Restylane lip implants. She has the "puffy face" look.

lindsay lohan lips

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before And After

She just looks like she's cracked out on drugs here.

lindsay lohan drugs

No amount of plastic surgery can hide the effects of excessive drug use. If anything, it will make it look even worse.

Lindsay Lohan Before And After Plastic Surgery

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