Leighton Meester Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job

Leighton Meester - Gossip Girl - has a beautiful face, but could that be due to plastic surgery? She may have had a nose job, but that's about it. Here you can see an older before and after picture, where her nose looks full and wider towards the bottom. On the right, her nose appears much slimmer with a finer point at the end, and her nostrils are less rounded.    

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Leighton Meester Plastic Surgery

    You can really see the difference here in the bridge of the nose, which again looks thinner and has a more delicate look. Also, the nostrils are less wide.    

Leighton Meester Plastic Surgery

    Taking a glance at a different angle, we can see how Leighton Meester has a deeper slope at the bridge of her nose. It does make her whole face look different, maybe a little less round? It's very likely that she had some plastic surgery.    

Leighton Meester Plastic Surgery

    One final before and after pic. How do you think her nose looks now? Personally, she looks great with or without a nose job. Go on with your bad self!    

Leighton Meester Plastic Surgery

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Leighton Meester Plastic Surgery

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