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Latoya Jackson drank the Kool Aid and didn't know when to stop getting plastic surgery. It's simply amazing how someone so beautiful can destroy themselves through obsessive nose jobs, facelifts, and Botox. Before plastic surgery, Latoya Jackson was a sweetheart and looked totally innocent. After, she practically looks like an alien! She followed in her brother Michael Jackson's footsteps by getting multiple nose jobs which resulted in a pinched nose. She has very little cartilage left with almost no support. It's amazing how two siblings can make that exact same mistake. If you look at the before and after picture of Latoya Jackson it's like two different people.

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Latoya Jackson before and after

On top of her nose job, she had a chin implants and jaw shaving to get a new contour to her face.

Latoya Jackson plastic surgery

Latoya Jackson plastic surgery before and after

Latoya Jackson nose job

This is a really cool picture Michael Jackson and Latoya Jackson kickin' it before either of them got any plastic surgery. This is when they were both teenage heart throbs.

Latoya Jackson young

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Latoya Jackson Plastic Surgery

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