Lana Del Rey Hair | Blonde | Bangs | Natural Hair Color

Lana Del Rey has changed her hair color to red, black, & blonde. But, her listed natural hair color is blonde (it's controversial though). Lana Del Rey has dyed her hair red for a while which it what it is in the first picture.

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Lana Del Rey Hairstyle

Here she is with rare bangs.

lana del rey bangs

  Here's Lana Del Rey has a blonde!

Lana Del Rey Blonde Hair

The roots are black, but she's apparently a natural blonde. She dyed her hair red, then black, then blonde. Make up your mind Lana Del Rey!

lana del rey blonde

This looks like her natural hair color and is what we're used to, but it it's a fake...

lana del rey hair

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Lana Del Rey Hairstyles

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