Lady GaGa Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Lady GaGa clearly had a nose job in her early 20's. The funny is that she flat out denies ever having any plastic surgery and takes pride in being her natural self despite any criticism. Sorry to break the news, but there's no way Lady GaGa didn't have a nose job. Her nose is obviously wider and bigger before the surgery. The before and after photo shows a huge transition from how it used to look.

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Lady GaGa plastic surgery

Lady GaGa before and after

Look at how the bridge of her nose used be more of a hump while now it's smoother and more petite. Also, the old "it's makeup shading" excuse doesn't work here. That's clearly a nose job.

Lady GaGa nose job

It's no even a debate.

Lady GaGa nose

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Lady GaGa Plastic Surgery

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