Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Breast Implants

Kristen Stewart had a nose job around the age of 16. Also, she had breast implants (she hasn't admitted to them) in the last few years which increased her breast size by about a cup 1 / 2. She had her nose job plastic surgery at a fairly young age sometime after her first few movies; she was a child actress from the age of 9. Overall, her nose job gave her a pretty unique nose. It looks petite, but there's a significant transition from the bridge to the tip. Either way, Kristen Stewart's plastic surgery came out good and has undoubtedly helped her land some major movie roles.

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Kristen Stewart plastic surgery

Kristen Stewart nose job

Here's Kristen Stewart before and after her famous breast implants. The star denies having them, but it's hard to deny because of how much bigger her breast size is now. She used to be an A cup, but is now a solid C.

Kristen Stewart breast implants

Kristen Stewart boob job

She's wearing a padded push up bra to help accentuate her breast size, but no bra can make them that much bigger. That's clearly the result of a boob job.

Kristen Stewart before and after

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Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery

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