Kendra Wilkinson Plastic Surgery Before After Breast Implants

Kendra Wilkinson has been successful transitioning from Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend to TV show personality, and her plastic surgery has transitioned as well. It is said that her breast size went from a C cup to an E cup with breast implants, and might be getting them taken out! In this before and after picture we can see the huge change she has gone through, which is definitely not natural.    

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Kendra Wilkinson Plastic Surgery

    Here we can see a more subtle difference, but it is still there. Her breasts have taken on a rounder shape that seem to hold themselves up.  

Kendra Wilkinson Plastic Surgery

    Here we have another view of Kendra Wilkinson's man-made girlish figure. She looks great, but it’s obvious that she’s had a boob job. Gravity is definitely not her enemy!    

Kendra Wilkinson Plastic Surgery

    Once more, we get to take a look at how unproportionate Kendra Wilkinson's figure is. Don’t get me wrong, she still looks great and I am excited to see what is next for her in her career, but plastic surgery definitely helped "shaped" her career.    

Kendra Wilkinson Plastic Surgery

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Kendra Wilkinson Plastic Surgery

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